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9-5: The Musical

9-5 The Musical9 to 5: The Musical, music and lyrics by Dolly Parton based on the book by Patricia Resnick

Performed by Centre Stage at The Bridewell Theatre

22nd July, 2016

‘Tumble out of bed and stumble to the kitchen, pour myself a cup of ambition and yawn and stretch and try to come to life.’

‘9 to 5:The Musical’ is the hilarious musical comedy based on the hit 1980s film that centres on three office workers who turn the tables on their sexist boss. Whilst Dolly Parton isn’t in the show in person, her presence is clearly felt throughout the show, and certainly, she has a knack for good old-fashioned country story-telling, even if the premise is implausible.

This is a fast moving, infectious production that centres around three beleaguered secretaries Violet (Claire Linney), Judy (Gemma Zifras) and Doralee (Camilla Burnside). The three quirky characters find sisterhood in taking on ‘egotistical, hypocritical bigoted’ boss from hell, Franklin Hart Jnr (Luke Leahy) with unexpected consequences which really goes to show that 1980s ‘girl power’ can triumph over evil.

While the entire ensemble is exceptional, a number of performances stand out. One of the strongest performances comes from Luke Leahy, who succeeds in the unenviable task of playing the villain of the show with bigoted brilliance, whilst virtually stealing every scene he is in. ‘You are nothing but a typewriter with tits’ he tells Doralee, which makes his comeuppance all the more sweet.

Claire Linney shines as the downtrodden, Violet, long-overdue a promotion and leader of the trio, who hold their misogynist manager hostage. Wry and ambitious,  Linney’s Violet holds the show together and enjoys a touchingly low-key romance with a colleague.  Her solo number, ‘One of the Boys’ is feisty; definitely something every woman in the audience wanted to get up and sing. Continue reading 9-5: The Musical