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Coriolanus NT Live

CoriolanusNT Live Coriolanus at Chichester New Park, Cinema

4th March, 2014


‘We can’t trust any politician to tell us the truth.  Faith, there have been many great men that have flatter’d the people, who ne’er loved them.’

Coriolanus is a political drama whose themes are a reminder that Shakespeare’s plays still resonate over time.  Here, we have a Roman military hero’s bid for public office but it turns to tragedy after his enemies make use of his fatal inability to relate to the common people. It’s a study of hubris versus politics. Coriolanus is a successful leader on the battle field and a skilled warrior.  Any humility he displays when he returns to Rome victorious after defeating the Volscian army is short-lived when old prejudices and grievances with the plebeians surface. Continue reading Coriolanus NT Live



‘Dog Days’ by Annie Hulley at Theatre 503

11th March, 2014

‘We all play by basic rules, only some are born with a different basic set of rules…’

‘Dog days’ is an aptly titled, referring to a period of relationship stagnation as two couples lay themselves bare in Annie Hulley’s  ninety minutes of dark comedy and edgy unreality.

Our home is the most intimate, secure space we can inhabit, yet the scene opens to a literally beige existence of Cate and John.  They are locked into a Daily Mail, Middle England routine and empty Pinteresque exchanges.  Using just one set, Sophia Simensky reinforces what has been shared for many years; patterns of territory, privacy, and memories of the past enshrined in objects such as owl ornaments and a photograph of their only son. Hoping to get a buyer for Cate and John’s home is a temporary solution to domestic friction. Continue reading Dogdays